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What Reddit Users Think of the Cyber Security Job Industry

Cyber security is a rapidly growing industry, as most businesses now require assistance addressing their vulnerabilities and keeping their data safe. The sector’s expansion doesn’t necessarily mean life is easy for job seekers, though, because some managers still don’t take the risks as seriously as they should. 

Reddit is a collection of forums where users join communities and share information. The website’s cyber security community contains robust discussion on the industry’s job market, making it easier for those looking to get into the industry or expand their careers to find information they need. 

These forums don’t necessarily paint a rosy picture of the cyber security job industry, but significant opportunity remains for those willing and able to provide a service companies can use as part of their risk mitigation strategy. This guide examines the training necessary to work in cyber security and takes a look at what Reddit users are saying about the industry as a whole.

Training for the Cyber Security Job Industry

Training and certification are usually necessary to gain employment in cyber security. Each job has different requirements, and some positions may provide additional training after hiring an employee. Some options for training and certification include the following:

University Degree

Many individuals working in the industry have a bachelor’s degree in cyber security, information sciences, or computer engineering. Graduate certificates and diplomas are also available, with many options requiring a background in calculus, math, algebra, and programming. Earning a university degree in the field is the most straightforward way to gain employment in the industry. 

Coding Certifications or Training

You don’t necessarily need coding experience to work in cyber security, but it certainly helps. Training and certifications in Java, Python, and C++ could give you an advantage over other job applicants because you will be able to develop and alter cyber security software to keep the company’s assets safe. 

Cyber Security Certifications

Specialized certifications in cyber security are also options. Some employers will pay for employees to take these courses to improve their skills in this ever-changing industry. Examples of available certifications include Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE), Offensive Security Exploit Developer (OSED), and Capture the Flag (CTF) training. 

Earning a degree or taking certification courses often makes it easier to find a job in the industry. The Reddit cyber security forum reminds users that the path to gainful employment could have some bumps along the way, however, despite training.

Seven Things Reddit Users Are Saying About Cyber Security 

Cyber security is a relatively new industry, and many organizations are still learning its value. Reddit users often share information on the industry as a whole, with more experienced users providing insight for those just starting out. Here’s what they’re saying:

1. Interviews Can Be Challenging

Those looking for a job in cyber security should know that interviews can be different than in other industries. Some managers want prospective cyber security experts to identify and address a vulnerability in real-time, which can be challenging without adequate preparation. Some hiring managers could ask for a case study write-up on a particular issue, as well. 

2. There Aren’t Enough Jobs

Most companies could use a cyber security expert, but they don’t have the budget to hire dedicated personnel. Jobs can be scarce because too many organizations don’t recognize the severity of the situation, making it more challenging to find employment. Reddit users also claim that most businesses are looking for employees with significant experience, so breaking in is difficult. 

3. Salaries Are All Over the Place

Reddit users report significant discrepancies in pay from company to company, despite doing the same or similar work. Entry-level salaries remain relatively low for such a high-profile position, so workers tend to change organizations a few times until they receive salaries and benefits they feel match their experience and value. 

4. Consulting Is Lucrative

Many Reddit users with industry experience are now turning to consulting because the pay can be better than working directly for a firm. Consultants can often work for multiple organizations as contractors, allowing them to drive up their salaries and negotiate with each company that desires their expertise. Consulting work also means the company doesn’t need as many full-time cyber security experts.

5. Burnout Is Common

Cyber security is a challenging career, and many within the industry are experiencing burnout because their employers ask too much of them. This burnout goes hand in hand with firms not hiring enough workers to handle the issues the organization must deal with daily. 

6. Budgets Are Tight

Many organizations all over the country have yet to recognize how much damage a cyber attack can do to a business, so they aren’t allocating enough money to their cyber security teams. This issue leads to burnout, as mentioned, and many workers now move from company to company in search of a better salary and work culture. Reddit users believe this industry will have to become higher paying to continue attracting talent. 

7. There’s Room for Growth

The Reddit cyber security forum recognizes that there’s plenty of room for the industry to grow in the coming years. Some professionals are looking to develop cyber security software they can sell to corporations, as they believe the best way to earn a greater salary is to go into business for themselves. This trend could lead to more startups entering the industry as threats become more common for organizations of all sizes.

Browsing Reddit is an excellent way to see what industry professionals think about the current state of cyber security and where things could be heading in the coming years. There seems to be some general unhappiness with the job market, but that could create new opportunities for startups.

Pushing the Cyber Security Industry Forward

Technology will continue to expand in the coming years, and talent will enter the cyber security industry as a result. We’ll likely see more cyber security software startups enter the sector, too, as they can develop the tools companies need to keep their data safe. This industry’s growth could also create opportunities for investors. 

Option3 brings cyber security startups together with industry-savvy investors. We understand the need in the cyber security industry and recognize that professionals in this sector will likely drive the next wave of startups. Contact Option3 for more information on cyber security investment.


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