Tracking Investment Sentiment on Cybersecurity

Unbiased index that is Focused, Broad Based, and Provides Context

Cyber TRUST™ Index

Aug 12th

52 Week High-Low

Index at 100 on January 1, 2020
Aug. 12th
August 2022 Feb 24, 2022 Ukraine War 2022 Year to Date
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Option3’s proprietary Cyber TRUST™ Index is developed out of internal valuation benchmarks we developed over 6 years of investing in private cyber companies but tracking the growing pool of publicly traded pureplay cyber stocks. Cyber TRUST™ is not linked to an ETF, and is not designed to outperform any benchmark. There is no concept of “going to cash”. It simply delivers an unbiased, pureplay but broad-based indicator of investor sentiment to the sector. 

2022 - Year to Date

Our approach also provides “context” through a growing series of sub-indices, or “Indicators” (which may include stocks, not in the benchmark Cyber TRUST™ Index) that allow us to understand the cyber industry by sub-sector, technology customer, or geography. While proprietary to Option3, we are available to discuss.

Option3Ventures LLC makes its Cyber TRUSTTM Index available purely for informational purposes, and no stock or index investment recommendation is intended or implied. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information provided is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, Option3Ventures LLC accepts no responsibility for how this information is applied.

Since Launch - Jan 1, 2020 (Index = 100)