Cyber TRUST™ Index

Trust Index Changes

Weekly: +1.8%

From the Start of 2023: +46%

Cybersecurity Sub-Indicators


Zero Trust

Weekly: -2%

From the start of 2023: +58%



Weekly: +3%

From the start of 2023: +63%



Weekly: -1%

From the start of 2023: +47%

Option3 developed its proprietary Cyber TRUST™ index from valuation benchmarks it had created internally to support private equity investment decisions. We made it freely available on  after requests from public investors.

The index tracks only pure play cyber stocks, and is not distorted by ETF-linked trading strategies, providing a focused yet unbiased measure of investor sentiment to the cybersecurity sector. 

TRUST™ also provides “context” through an evolving universe of sub-indices, or Indicators, which track highly tailored groups of stocks that vary greatly in size, typically include names not in the main Index, and are available only upon request. These Indicators allow us to gain insight into the industry’s changing dynamics, tracking it by sub-sector, technology, customer, or even geography.

Option3 produces a monthly two page report, Cyber TRUST™ which integrates TRUST™ with private strategies – M&A and venture – adding specialist insight from Option3 to provide a complete perspective on investing in cybersecurity.

Option3Ventures LLC makes its Cyber TRUSTTM Index available purely for informational purposes, and no stock or index investment recommendation is intended or implied. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information provided is as accurate and up-to-date as possible, Option3Ventures LLC accepts no responsibility for how this information is applied.