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Cybersecurity Reddit Feed Creates Resources for Ukraine

As war rages on in Ukraine, one development is surprising cybersecurity professionals.

Currently, it seems like Russia is concentrating on its military rather than its cyber operations. Reports reveal that Russia’s cyberwarfare against Ukraine has been more nuanced than expected.

However, Ukrainian businesses and government systems have long been targeted by Russian cyberattacks. Microsoft analysis says that Ukraine has already suffered over 200 attacks from Russia. Many believe that it’s only a matter of time before Russia tries to cripple Ukraine both on the ground and “in the cloud”.

But what has this got to do with a cybersecurity Reddit thread?

Not only is Ukraine in a war-torn state, but it has also endured ongoing economic hardship. Neither of these conditions is conducive to widespread adoption of paid cybersecurity solutions.

In response, one user created a thread on the Reddit community r/cybersecurity. The thread invites users to contribute to a repository of cybersecurity resources for Ukraine.

Continue reading to find out more about the thread. As well as the Reddit community’s response and the resources that are available.

The Aim of the Cybersecurity Reddit Ukraine Resources Megathread

Two months ago, a Reddit user created the thread “Cybersecurity Resources for Ukraine Megathread”.

The aim of the thread is to invite people to submit any resources they have come across for entities in Ukraine. This resource library can also include resources for entities outside of Ukraine. Providing they are responding to the increasing threat of Russia outside of its borders, these parties may also be eligible.

Many have stepped forward to offer free services to Ukraine entities that cannot afford to invest in cybersecurity. These include GreyNoise, RecordedFuture, and more.

But, these resources can be hard to find. Unless a person in need is checking their Twitter feed for updates from their favorite cybersecurity companies, these free resources could easily be missed.

What’s more, as the author of the post explains, a lot of Ukrainian people or entities might be avoiding corporate platforms like Twitter.

In contrast to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Reddit offers a higher level of anonymity and privacy. Because of this, Reddit is one of the four most trusted social media platforms.

The post creator directs interested parties who want to help to create a new issue on Github. Through this, they can submit resource details. They can also directly respond to the thread.

Once the resource is approved, it is added to a master repository on GitHub.

The aim is to create an organized repository of resources. Ukrainian entities can use this to protect themselves from the threat of Russian cyber action.

Centralizing resources into a composite library can help Ukrainian entities, individuals, and other parties threatened by Russian cyberattacks. By creating a directory of resources, those in need can easily browse through and find the right aid for their needs.

How Reddit Users Are Responding to the Cybersecurity Reddit Thread

Overall, the cybersecurity Reddit thread has received a lot of support. So far it has gotten 96% upvotes and 89 comments and counting. Many users have commented to voice their support and share their resource offerings.

Those who are not in a position to offer cybersecurity support have chimed in to offer insights on protecting oneself online.

Some users have even asked how they can share bandwidth with those in Ukraine who are in need.

One or two users have also reported DDoS attacks in connection with support of Ukraine clients. These reports aren’t proven, but they do offer some insight into the potential scope of Russian cyber operations.

Why Cybersecurity Resources Are Important for the People of Ukraine

As we mentioned above, Russia is renowned for its cyber warfare power.

So far, it doesn’t seem like Russia has brought its full cyber force to bear on Ukraine.

However, Ukraine is already feeling the cyber-related effects of the attack by Russia. What’s more, Ukraine has been a target of Russian cyberattacks for many years already.

According to reports, there has been an ongoing string of attacks on Ukraine. So far, there is strong evidence that these attacks originated in Russia.

One attack in 2015 successfully robbed 230,000 customers of power in western Ukraine. The following year, the attack was repeated. This time the reach expanded to banking systems and government agencies.

Fast-forward to 2022, before Russia invaded Ukraine the country was also hit by never-before-seen malware. The data-wiping malware was, according to the Ukrainian government, “on a whole new level”.

Comments on the cybersecurity Reddit post have also confirmed this. One user from Ukraine reported that cyberattacks have dramatically increased on:

  • Government sites
  • Personal devices
  • Media sites

These types of reports are unconfirmed. But they do hint at the fact that Russia is increasing the scope of its cyber warfare against Ukraine.

The need for cybersecurity measures in Ukraine is so great that US departments are also offering aid. The FBI, CISA, USAID, and The Department of Energy have all stepped forward to offer assistance to Ukraine departments.

This is a valuable development on a departmental level. But, it doesn’t help smaller entities and individuals secure themselves from attack. The Reddit thread and GitHub depository offer a way for smaller parties to get cybersecurity help.

The Cybersecurity Resources That Are Currently Available

The Reddit cybersecurity resources thread has been a success. Currently, the GitHub resources depository features 25 vetted companies. All offering tangible assets to assist those in Ukraine.

The resources offered are extensive, and include:

  • DDoS protection
  • Web infrastructure
  • Incident response services
  • Remote monitoring
  • Compliance operations software
  • Network firewalls
  • Threat intelligence
  • Endpoint security
  • Secure web hosting

Most of the resources offered apply to Ukrainian businesses. Some include journalists and organizations helping the war efforts. One entry on the list also offers personal cybersecurity solutions.

This is Bitdefender. Bitdefender is offering all Ukrainian citizens and businesses free cybersecurity solutions. These are available for as long as needed.

Most of the entries in the depository are from cybersecurity companies. However, there are even a few individuals who have offered their private expertise and cybersecurity assistance efforts.

Invest in Cybersecurity Businesses That Are Willing to Give Back

In February 2022, the war in Ukraine was the number one news topic. Since then, Google searches for news on the war have plummeted. However, just because it’s not a hot news topic doesn’t mean that Ukraine doesn’t need help.

As the war goes on, it’s likely that Ukraine will receive even more cyberattacks. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to highlight the cybersecurity Reddit initiative.

Are you looking into cybersecurity investments? If so, you might want to consider some of the companies that appear on the GitHub list. Companies that give back not only make the world a better place. They also have a better chance of long-term success.

What the Cyberattacks on Ukraine Mean for Cybersecurity Investing

Cybersecurity is a booming sector. But cybersecurity investing is still somewhat of a niche investment area.

Cybersecurity companies tend to be small and agile. Thanks to their roots in tech solutions, the majority of cybersecurity companies don’t need thousands of employees to run their operations.

Because of this, a lot of cybersecurity companies aren’t listed on the stock exchange. However, this doesn’t mean that cybersecurity isn’t a ripe sector for investment.

What’s more, there is a great need for cybersecurity venture capital. If venture capital flows into the cybersecurity space, this allows for enhanced innovation. As well as capital outlays, cybersecurity training, and solutions development.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine, both on the ground and virtually, shows just how important the cybersecurity industry is. The more talent and capital the cybersecurity sector has, the more force it can bring to bear against threats from bad actors.

If you’re wondering “why invest in cybersecurity?” the answer is twofold. Not only can you make a lucrative investment, but you can also help the industry develop.

The more resources cybersecurity startups have, the better equipped they will be to help the world ward off the kind of cyber warfare that Russia is undertaking.

Option3: Your Resource for Cybersecurity Investments

As a leader in cybersecurity investing, we’re proud to see so many reputable companies rally around the cybersecurity Reddit thread and offer their services to aid those in Ukraine. For companies and individuals in Ukraine who can’t afford to invest in cybersecurity solutions during the conflict, this range of resources may give them the protection they need to safeguard their digital privacy and assets.

Do you wish to learn more about cybersecurity investing? Or are you a startup looking for cybersecurity venture capital?

Whether you’re an institutional investor, a provider, or simply want to learn why you should invest in cybersecurity, Option3 is here to help.

Browse our blog for more informative reads or head over to our funds page to learn more about what we offer.


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