Reaching Consensus that Cybersecurity Policy & Leadership Are Required [Cybersecurity Brief]

With conflicts surrounding racism, inequality, and the current pandemic, it seems as though America is in a state of chaos. Barely anything can be agreed upon, leaving our country in a stagnant state. However, as important systems and networks continuously get hacked, U.S. officials can finally agree on one topic: cybersecurity. Articles by Bob Fredericks from New York Post, Jamie Tarabay from Bloomberg and Ken Dilanian from NBC News give the latest updates in the cyber world along with why the subject is something officials can finally agree upon.

This past Wednesday, Twitter experienced one of its most severe cyberattacks since the start of the company. Some of the world’s most prominent people’s Twitter accounts, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, were hacked. The hack was disguised as a Bitcoin scam and successfully collected around $120,000 from users. This week’s cybercrime does not stop there. On Monday, officials discovered a new malware embedded in a Chinese tax software. The malware gave hackers complete access to the networks of each client. In just one short week, private information and hard-earned money was stolen from Americans all around the country.

Cyberattacks are now not only increasing but proving to be successful as well. It is because of these successful hacks that lawmakers in both political parties agree that the Trump administration should reappoint a national cybersecurity director. A national cybersecurity director may be just what this country needs to get ahead of hackers and take control of the cyber threats.

Key Takeaways

“Bipartisan lawmakers push for White House cybersecurity director” – Bob Fredericks, New York Post

  • Lawmakers from both political parties want the Trump administration to reappoint a national cybersecurity director
  • The position was eliminated 2 years ago
  • Support comes from the large increase in cyberattacks since the beginning of the pandemic

“Twitter Races to Unravel How Cyber-Attack Came from Inside” – Jamie Tarabay, Bloomberg

  • Some of the world’s most prominent people – President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, along with Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett, had their Twitter accounts hacked on Wednesday
  • The hack was disguised as a Bitcoin scam and successfully collected around $120,000 in cryptocurrency
  • Twitter made an announcement that the hack came from an external source, but the public is pondering whether the hack could have come from an internal employee
  • Experts also think that the attack could have been a distraction for stealing confidential information

Cybersecurity firm finds more spyware hidden in Chinese tax software – Ken Dilanian, NBC News

  • A cybersecurity firm found a new malware embedded in a Chinese tax software
  • The malware gives hackers complete access to a client’s network
  • U.S. intelligence officials say that China is relentlessly attempting to steal corporate secrets from America



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