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Option3Ventures, Chubb, and BDO Seidman Inform Family Offices on The Risks And Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Option3Ventures Joins Cybersecurity Specialists

Option3Ventures, a leading cybersecurity venture capitalist specialist, joined Chubb and BDO Seidman in an exclusive event to educate chief investment officers of family offices on how cybersecurity developments can impact them, risks they need to be aware of, and also the investment opportunities in the growing sector.

“Cybersecurity is a great place for family offices to invest, not just because of the double digit growth, but also because its growth is relatively insulated from economic downturns,” said Manish Thakur, Managing Partner at Option3Ventures. “It’s a great investment in times of uncertainty. But it’s a complicated field that changes rapidly. You want to partner with specialists who are experienced in the sector.”

“Family offices, both multi and single, are facing increased cyber risks on almost all fronts, including to the business, from their business partners and vendors, and to the individual family members. These risks are complicated and difficult to address, and are also holistic—in that they affect almost every aspect of a family office’s risk profile,” said Annmarie Giblin, Senior Counsel – Cyber Liability Attorney, Chubb. “It requires the full attention of the family office and needs to be planned for accordingly. Risk mitigation—including cyber defense and a cyber incident response plan—and transferring risk through a comprehensive cyber insurance policy—are two great starting points for a family office to help address and provide for these evolving threats.”

To further educate family offices on how to capitalize on the cybersecurity industry, Option3Ventures will be launching a podcast. Option3Ventures’ team will be hosting the series.

About Option3Ventures

Option3Ventures (O3V) is a venture capital management firm that invests in, manages and provides growth support to the highest quality companies in the information security, management and analytics sectors. O3V’s management team combines specialized experience from the U.S. Government/Intelligence Community, commercial IT industry and investment banking.


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