Option3Ventures Invests in Dellfer, Commits to Working With Dellfer and Denso to Improve Automotive Security


Option3Ventures Invests in Dellfer, Commits to Working With Dellfer and Denso to Improve Automotive Security

Based in Silicon Valley, Dellfer joins Option3Ventures’ “Special Situations” portfolio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK  – February 2, 2021Option3Ventures (O3V), a leading cybersecurity investment specialist firm, is pleased to announce an investment in Dellfer Inc. through its O3V Cyber Special Situations investment vehicle. Located in Silicon Valley, Dellfer, specializes in automotive software, IOT, and cloud-based cybersecurity systems. This announcement comes at a time when the connected car industry is expected to reach $166 billion in 2025 and is currently worth $53.9 billion and the autonomous vehicle industry is expected to grow from $1.9 billion to $4.1 billion in 2025. 

Dellfer is one of the leading innovative companies in cybersecurity solutions particularly in relation to automotive systems and IoT devices. Dellfer’s services cover not only today’s vehicles but will also be fundamental to the security of tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, the company’s services can be extended into the realm of other cyber-physical devices. Recognizing the importance of automotive security, DENSO, a leading mobility supplier serving most global automakers, has established a partnership with Dellfer to develop and install resilient cybersecurity measures into firmware products. 

“We are excited to work with Dellfer, which sits at the intersection of automotive and IoT cybersecurity,” says Manish Thakur, Managing Partner, Option3Ventures. “We were drawn to Dellfer through its first-of-its-kind technology, through its Founder and CEO who has experience as CTO of two highly successful ventures. We are delighted to be working alongside DENSO to help Dellfer realize its expansive vision.”

“The synergy between Option3Ventures’ focus on the frontier areas of cybersecurity and Dellfer, makes the firm the perfect partner for us,” says James Blaisdell, CEO, Dellfer. “We are thrilled to be working with the team given its deep heritage in the national security community.”

The decision to invest in Dellfer as a part of the O3V Cyber Special Situations portfolio further solidifies O3V’s mission to support the future of cybersecurity. Formed with an understanding of the importance of advancing cybersecurity in today’s technologically dependent environment, O3V launched the portfolio with companies that have unique patented technology solutions addressing cybersecurity problems facing enterprises and government. 

About Option3Ventures

Option3Ventures is a leading cybersecurity investment specialist made up of professionals drawn from both the national security community and the investment industry. It focuses on those companies at the very frontiers of the cybersecurity sector, offering solutions to problems that existing technologies cannot address. Over the past five years, O3V has built a track record of venture investing in a select group of category leaders and is now raising its first dedicated cyber venture capital fund, Option 3 Cyber Investments. O3V is based in New York and the Washington DC area, and its Board of Advisors range from former Chief Information Officers at such organizations as the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defense to the former CIO of Merrill Lynch and former CEO of Lehman Brothers. More information about Option3Ventures available at www.option3.com 

About Dellfer

Dellfer enables product manufacturers to reliably secure their cloud and IoT connected products from zero-day hacking or advanced cyberattacks. Focusing on the automotive cybersecurity and other IoT markets, Dellfer offers ZeroDayGuard, the first execution integrity monitoring solution that can be added at compile-time easily within seconds. ZeroDayGuard can prevent zero-day attacks against unknown vulnerabilities and instantaneously alert manufacturers or device makers to attempted and thwarted hacking events in seconds. More information about Dellfer and ZeroDayGuard are available at www.dellfer.com

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