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The Spread of the Digital Virus During a Global Pandemic [Cybersecurity Brief]

Hackers and cyber threats are a continuing issue in today’s digital age. During a time where companies are actively switching to the remote workplace, security is needed now more than ever. Many experts say that cyberattacks follow the coronavirus curve, and the peak is about to hit any moment. Articles written by Maggie Miller, Algirde Pipikaite, and Nicholas Davis along with a video published by CNN Business, lay out the causes and effects of the extreme rise in cyber attacks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses all around the globe are experiencing cyber threats first hand putting every day operations at risk. One expert says that there has been a 500 percent increase in attacks directly related to work from home individuals. Some of these threats include Zoombombing, ransomware and email phishing. The healthcare industry is no exception to these hackers. Hospitals around the world are receiving cyber threats that could lead to delayed care for patients, or even worse, the matter of life or death. The U.S. government is working alongside the healthcare industry to make these systems more secure, but it could take months or even years to fight off these hackers.

In addition to industry threats, individuals are at risk as well. Many hackers are distributing fake PSAs pretending to be a health official. These hackers are targeting high stress individuals who may irrationally click on a harmful link. Although cyber-attacks are quickly escalating, there are several preventative measures. Simple acts such as having strong passwords, verifying URLs and only using trusted sources can make all the difference.

Let’s stop the spread of the digital virus.

Key Takeaways

Cybersecurity expert sees ‘massive increase’ in Covid-19 related phishing – CNN Business

  • Increase in attacks directly related to work from home individuals due to coronavirus
  • Targeting companies in the business sector
  • Hackers shutting entire companies down
  • Zoombombing → hackers enter zoom meeting and post inappropriate content such as pornography

Hackers target healthcare AI amid coronavirus pandemic – Maggie Miller, The Hill

  • Hackers are specifically targeting healthcare systems during the pandemic
  • Hackers targeting healthcare systems could lead to delayed care for patients
  • Hospitals are more likely to pay ransomware attacks because having access to networks could be the difference between life or death for a patient
  • Already signs of cyberattacks in hospitals around the world
  • Turning to AI for support

Why cybersecurity matters more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic – Algirde Pipikaite & Nicholas Davis, World Economic Forum

  • Cyberattacks prey on our increased reliance on digital tools
  • Stress can cause people to act irrationally and click on links that lead to hacks
  • Actions to stay safe online
    • Make sure your passwords are complex and vary amongst accounts
    • Verify the source of every URL before clicking
    • Only use trusted sources



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