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13 Reasons VCs go Bullish on Cybersecurity Investments

Cybersecurity investments represent one of the most compelling investments today. The cybersecurity industry remains on pace to become a $345.4 billion industry by 2026. Bullish cybersecurity venture capital firms spot an opportunity in the growing space.

Investors can choose from many investments. Some ideas present better opportunities than others.

Some people suggest looking at where venture capital firms invest their money. These people describe venture capital funds as “smart money.” 

Many venture capitals continue placing their money into cybersecurity investments. This article will explain some of the reasons why this trend will continue.cybersecurity investments


1. Email Security Is Pivotal

Over 4 billion people use email to communicate with friends and colleagues. Many people send and receive sensitive information through their inboxes. A hacker may find tax forms, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Some hackers penetrate inboxes and gain access to said information. This occurrence hurts individuals and businesses. A hacker can gain sensitive business data by hacking into an employee’s email address.

Cybersecurity investing lets investors capitalize on the cyber landscape. More businesses invest in cybersecurity to preserve email security. Some individuals use cybersecurity to protect personal information outside of the company.

Email security will remain pivotal for decades, if not centuries. This problem will only go away if people delete their inboxes.

The connectivity of emails makes this solution seemingly impossible. Cybersecurity is a more practical solution to this common problem.

2. Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings became popular during the pandemic. Some businesses plan to make virtual meetings their new normal. This cost-saving strategy also creates vulnerabilities. 

Some hackers sneak into virtual meetings and stay silent. They listen to each participant, hoping someone reveals sensitive information. 

You can protect yourself by creating a custom ID and password for each meeting. Cybersecurity companies enable these protections so you can kick out the hackers.

Not every company owner knows about these protections. A cybersecurity firm can share options with a business owner. They can also train a company’s employees to bolster cyber security.

Each of these outcomes fuels the bullish thesis around cybersecurity investing.

3. Data Sharing Cloud Management

Many businesses use data-sharing cloud management software. This software lets team members quickly access company files. Hackers can access this cloud management service by hacking into an email address.

Some data-sharing cloud management software provides additional protections. Businesses can restrict file access across their employees. The presence of cybersecurity in these services is another reason to get bullish.

4. Hackers Are Getting Smarter

Hackers have evolved since the deceased Nigerian Prince emails. Hackers use various tactics and software to assist with their malicious exploits. 

Hackers mimic people online to gain sensitive information. You can often tell these hackers apart by their social media handles. However, it’s another example demonstrating hackers getting smarter. 

They try to trick your friends into speaking to them. Some people can reveal information that puts their company at risk of a cyber attack.

Looking at social media usernames only addresses this strategy. Hackers can deploy various strategies from their toolkit for unethical purposes.

Cybersecurity investments present a solution to this growing problem. Hackers will continue getting more innovative, and cybersecurity firms will continue catching up. In this constant game of cat-and-mouse, cybersecurity investing stands to grow.

5. The Remote Worker Boom

The remote worker boom gave workers more control over their schedules. Some workers no longer commute to the office, resulting in higher productivity.

The remote worker boom helped many workers. However, it also created more openings for hackers. 

Hackers thrive as more people spend more time online. The remote worker boom has created an opportunity for hackers. 

Companies should not let hackers dictate their decisions. They should not end remote work because of them. However, companies should take protective measures.

Companies will protect themselves with cybersecurity investments. 

6. Heightened Productivity

Cybersecurity companies help companies boost productivity. A cyber attack can cripple any company’s productive output. Protecting themselves from cyber attacks keeps productivity intact.

Cybersecurity training also empowers employees to keep their information safe. Employee empowerment leaves fewer cracks in the system for hackers to infiltrate.

7. Data Protection

We live in a data-driven world. Data provides competitive advantages and an assortment of sensitive information. Data organization helps many companies, but any data is vulnerable.

Businesses will not stop collecting data. Obtaining customers’ email addresses enables personalized experiences. Companies can search through customer phone numbers to make calls about customer orders.

Hackers want this data for themselves. Obtaining a few data points about a single person can open up a landmine of information. 

Protecting your data negates these issues. Companies and individuals will invest in cybersecurity to keep their information safe.

8. Cybersecurity Investments Boost Customer Trust

When a company invests in cybersecurity, customers notice. They trust your company more because cybersecurity keeps their data safe.

Companies don’t like when their data gets exposed. Your customers don’t like losing their privacy either. If your company leaks customer data, they will lose trust in your business.

Businesses can boost trust through various tactics. Cybersecurity investments give customers extra confidence in your company. 

As more companies recognize the cybersecurity trust factor, they will make cybersecurity investments.

9. Companies Use Many Software Tools and Resources

Companies use various software tools and resources to conduct business. A single crack in the system can expose the entire company.

Venture capitalists see an opportunity. As businesses become intertwined in the online world, they will need cybersecurity. Companies with more to lose will make significant cybersecurity investments.

10. Compliance Requirements

Cybersecurity isn’t optional for every company. Some countries require companies to make cybersecurity investments to protect sensitive data. These measures increase company and consumer safety. 

These compliance requirements partially explain the boost in cybersecurity venture capital. If companies need cybersecurity protocols, the cybersecurity industry stands to benefit. 

A few large customers can significantly boost a cybersecurity firm’s revenue. Due to compliance requirements and switching costs, clients may use the same firm. Some customers will use the same firm for several years. 

Cybersecurity companies deploy a recurring income model that makes income growth more reliable. Compliance requirements will fuel recurring revenue and assist with new client acquisitions.

Countries may make stricter compliance requirements in the future. Some countries without compliance requirements may adopt new rules in the future. Both scenarios present great buying opportunities for cybersecurity investments.

11. Businesses Want to Protect Profits 

Some companies lose millions of dollars from a cyber attack. Companies don’t want to risk losing their profits and customer trust. Some companies go out of business because of a single cyberattack.

Risk-averse businesses will invest in their cybersecurity. Companies will not risk their money and reputations when a solution is available. 

As more businesses embrace cybersecurity, other companies will understand its importance. Cybersecurity can serve any business, and we are in the early innings of the industry’s growth.

12. Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity is like an insurance policy. Companies invest millions of dollars into cybersecurity, hoping they never get attacked. It’s an extra layer of safety similar to general liability insurance.

Some insurers began offering cybersecurity insurance to their customers. The cybersecurity industry and hacker threats loom large enough for this insurance policy. 

Cybersecurity insurance policies demonstrate how much companies will spend to protect their data. Cybersecurity venture capital investors stand to benefit from this trend.

13. The Success of Other Cybersecurity Investments

Investors often look at existing companies for clues about industry performance. Cybersecurity stocks have soundly outperformed the market by a wide margin.

Over the past five years, the S&P 500 index barely doubled. During the same timeframe, top cybersecurity stocks significantly outperformed the index.

  • Palo Alto Networks (Ticker: PANW) — up over 300% in the past five years
  • Zscaler (Ticker: ZS) — up over 800% in the past five years
  • Cloudflare (Ticker: NET) — up over 750% in the past five years

These gains demonstrate the potential of cybersecurity investments. Venture capitalists for these companies experienced far more significant gains. Early investments in these cybersecurity companies could have yielded a 100x return. 

Cybersecurity venture capital investors aim for these returns. They take significant risks knowing the enormity of the potential reward. 

Are you Ready for Cybersecurity Investing

The cybersecurity industry has a bright future. Companies see cybersecurity investments as their last line of defense from malicious hackers. 

Cybersecurity venture capital firms help institutional investors access emerging cybersecurity companies. These VC firms also give cybersecurity companies access to necessary funds for expansion.

If you want to dive into the world of cybersecurity investing, we can help. Our cybersecurity venture capital firm identifies under-the-radar cybersecurity companies. These companies are critical for the country’s security and resilience.

Contact Option3Ventures today to discuss your cybersecurity investing needs.


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