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Exploring The SolCyber 20M Series A Funding From ForgePoint

Startups are increasingly looking at how companies in similar situations raise cash, such as the SolCyber 20M series funding situation. This managed security service provider startup secured $20 million in Series A funding from venture capital group Forgepoint Capital in 2021. This funding enabled the firm to continue its near-term growth and expand on its lofty goals for the future.

There’s no magic bullet when getting a cybersecurity firm off the ground, but examining how SolCyber attracted this investment from a significant player could provide ideas on how other startups can seek attention from venture capital groups. This guide will explore how SolCyber secured its funding and what other cybersecurity startups can do to attract investors with knowledge of the industry. 

What Is SolCyber?

SolCyber is positioning itself as the mid-markets first modern managed security service provider. Their technology assists organizations in monitoring, preventing, and responding to cybersecurity attacks using a dynamic approach that’s scalable based on the company’s needs.

The goal is to keep middle-market companies with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion safe from cyber attacks. Companies of that size are often overlooked by cybersecurity solutions and priced out of the market, an issue that SolCyber looks to address.

What is ForgePoint Capital?

ForgePoint Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in investing in cybersecurity startups. Since its inception in 2015, the firm has become a leading player in the industry, leveraging its extensive network and expertise to provide strategic guidance and support to early-stage companies with innovative cybersecurity solutions. In short, ForgePoint Capital plays a vital role in protecting organizations against cyber threats while building long-term partnerships with passionate entrepreneurs.

What The SolCyber $20M Series A Funding Will Be Used On

SolCyber raised $20 million in Series A funding, with most of the investment coming from Forgepoint Capital. It’s a good idea for other startups to consider what SolCyber will do with the money because their plan is part of the reason they’re an attractive investment. The company aims to:

-Hire More Employees

SolCyber only had 12 employees before securing its Series A funding, but its goal was to expand to 20 employees shortly afterward. Hiring additional employees would go hand-in-hand with the company beginning to turn a profit due to its growth in other areas.

-Expand Its Offerings

The company plans to use its secured funding to expand its cybersecurity offerings. Customers are always looking for solutions, and cybercrime is a continually evolving industry, so proactive service providers must adapt in real-time. Becoming a leader in the cybersecurity industry is a goal for SolCyber, and offering additional products will assist in that regard.

-Build Awareness

Series A funding cash will assist as SolCyber builds brand awareness. Many mid-market companies are looking for the exact services this company provides but don’t know they exist or how to seek them out. Building awareness of its brand is a priority for SolCyber as they take the next step.

-Drive Customer Growth

These steps will contribute to the ultimate goal of driving further growth by attracting new customers in multiple industries. SolCyber has plans to increase revenues by providing service to more clients on a global scale, and their $20 million in funding will assist as they strive for them.

Every startup has different goals, but identifying how you’ll use any funding you secure can make you a more viable investment option for investors who understand the industry. Showing potential investors you have a plan makes you attractive to them.

5 Takeaways From The SolCyber 20M ForgePoint Funding

The SolCyber 20m Series ForgePoint situation isn’t all that common. You can’t necessarily expect to secure $20 million in Series A funding as soon as you emerge from stealth. There are some further steps you can take when establishing your startup, though, that could catch the eye of investors:

1. Develop a Unique Product

SolCyber is taking a unique approach to cybersecurity by offering a tech stack package with advanced detection and response capabilities and email security. It also provides protection against active directory abuse and admin exploitation while training employees on security and phishing scheme avoidance. The result is a product that creates foundational security by protecting the customer in multiple ways.

2. Market to a Specific Customer

The package SolCyber offers is marketed with a specific customer in mind. This product isn’t something you’ll find in a household or a multinational because it’s meant for mid-market companies looking for a more robust cybersecurity solution at a price point they can handle. Creating a marketing plan that appeals to this customer will be a significant part of SolCyber’s growth plan.

3. Address a Known Problem

Hackers use the same techniques when attacking businesses of all sizes. Multinationals have the budget to invest heavily in cybersecurity, but many mid-market firms do not have the resources. This startup aims to address this problem and the gap in service as it expands via its SolCyber Series Forgepoint funding.

4. Show Expertise

The company’s expertise is one aspect that sets SolCyber apart from the crowd. The founders of this startup have significant cybersecurity experience, so investors have greater trust in their process. Startup founders don’t necessarily need industry experience, but they should surround themselves with experts if they don’t have this knowledge themselves. 

5. Offer Immediate Results

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to cybersecurity. Firms don’t want to wait for the protection they need because time increases their chances of being victimized. SolCyber’s offerings immediately uplift a customer’s security posture and allow them to fight off advanced threats from cybercriminals.

Investors need a reason to believe a startup is primed to turn a profit and grow into an industry leader. Startups seeking funding must show they have the potential to check some of these boxes to attract significant funding.

How to Find Investors

Developing relationships with investors is challenging, especially for startups without industry contacts. You could have an excellent product and a viable business plan, but you’ll still need capital to get the idea off the ground. 

Option3 offers cybersecurity investment consulting services and brings industry-savvy investors together with early-stage startups. We can put you in touch with investors who understand how your product benefits the cybersecurity industry, assisting you in securing the funding you need. Contact Option3 to learn more about our cybersecurity investment services.


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