Option3 Operating Partner Lisa Donnan Strongly Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion in Recently Released “Essential Survival Guide for Cyber Leaders”

Donnan joins 14 other women cybersecurity experts to publish practical advice to proactively improve cybersecurity strategies and foster diversity in the next generation of cyber talent


The recently released “Fight Fire with Fire: Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Leaders” published by Wiley and authored by Renee Tarun, Deputy CISO at Fortinet, includes a chapter on diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity authored by Lisa Donnan, an internationally recognized expert in the field, and Operating Partner at specialist cybersecurity private equity investment firm, Option3.

The book explores the evolution of the roles of security leaders and delivers a “blueprint” to effectively improve cybersecurity across an organization with a three-pronged approach that encompasses people, process, and technology.

Tarun engaged with fourteen cybersecurity women executives, including Donnan, to each contribute specific chapters that explore the challenges in the industry and how to proactively address adding diversity to the cyber community.

“I am enormously proud of Lisa for contributing to this book, and for directly addressing the centrality and criticality of diversity in the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity” said Manish Thakur, Managing Partner at Option3. “Lisa has been a huge asset to our firm and to the cyber companies that we have invested in over the past six years. In tirelessly pushing for inclusion, she has expanded the dialog at Option3’s portfolio companies, and in the process, added to the creativity that is so critical in developing the next generation of disruptive technologies or strategies.”

“I am personally and professionally committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the cyber community, and thus, I was honored to be asked to contribute to a book that helps define what this means to our community,” stated Lisa Donnan. “The women who contributed to this book are undoubtedly some of the most respected cyber professionals in our industry and have all made significant contributions to our industry.”

The book provides best practices and sharing of important lessons learned from the front lines to learn how to be proactive and fight cyber fires with fire. From effective risk management to supply chain security and communicating with the board, the book presents first-hand discussions from industry leaders covering every critical competency in information security.

Lisa is a world class executive with over 25 years of expertise in National Security and Commercial markets. She works with Option3 portfolio companies to help them scale and deliver value to Option3 investors. Lisa was recently recognized as a Power Woman of DC by DCA Live, and recently appointed to the board of automotive cybersecurity company Dellfer as Chairman.

Lisa Donnan will be joining Renee Tarun on the FortinetLIVE podcast discussing in chapter in detail.

About Option3
Option3 is a specialist cybersecurity private equity firm based in New York and Virginia whose team combines expertise garnered in the classified world of U.S. national security with decades of experience across the investment industry. Since its founding in 2015, it has deployed capital into eight companies out of two investment vehicles, targeting those sectors facing the greatest threats and fewest solutions. Option3’s partners bring decades of investment experience that ranges from venture to buyouts, as well as an operational track record in commercializing new technologies and growing existing businesses to scale. Option3 benefits from a Technology Board whose members range from the former Chief Information Officer of the CIA to the former CIO of the Department of Defense. Its Advisory Council is chaired by the former CEO of Lehman Brothers. For more information, visit https://www.option3.com.


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