Combating the Cyber Threat [Cybersecurity Brief]

The proof is in the pudding – there has been an extreme increase in cybersecurity threats since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, it is hard to imagine that the digital world will ever return back to its state prior to the pandemic. This poses technology experts with one key question: What can be done to lower the number of cyber threats and prevent these hackers from being successful? Articles from Joseph Marks and Zack Guzman along with a press release from the World Health Organization gives insight into what businesses across industries are doing to win the cyber crisis.

One main strategy to combating the crisis is making consistent efforts to establish more secure internal systems. The World Health Organization is one of many companies that is working hard to prevent any future hacks. This includes educating employees on cyber risks as well as notifying others on how to identify emails in disguise. There are also substantial strides being made towards launching an app that tracks the spread of the virus. These applications are essential for resuming back to everyday life and require a high level of security for safe usage.

It is because of these advances that the cybersecurity realm is one of the few industries that did not take a hard hit in the coronavirus recession. In fact, cybersecurity is needed now more than ever to assist the working world’s digital transformation. It is important for organizations to pivot their business models to incorporate more secure technology practices in conjunction with the changes brought upon from the pandemic.

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Key Takeaways

The Cybersecurity 202: Companies join governments in rush to launch coronavirus tracking apps – Joseph Marks, The Washington Post

  • Development of tracking apps for employees so that companies can identify who needs to be tested for coronavirus and where to clean
  • Goal is to track the virus’s spread
  • The urgency and high need for these applications underscores security concerns

WHO reports fivefold increase in cybersecurity attacks, urges vigilance – World Health Organization, press release.

  • WHO is experiencing five times the amount of security attacks compared to last year
  • Hackers have been successful in achieving addresses and passwords from an older system
  • The company is working to establish more secure internal systems and is educating employees on cybersecurity risks

Coronavirus sell-off spares cybersecurity stocks because security is a corporate need – Zack Guzman, Yahoo Finance

  • Cybersecurity stocks avoided the downfall of the market
  • Cybersecurity companies are responsible for navigating these unprecedented waters
  • The shift to working from home may be short term, but the need for security is for the long-haul



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